Most Creative Advertisements

Wonderbra's broken bus stop advertisement was quite a headturner!

Penguin audiobooks author headphones advertisement is quite a creative take on famous literary figures and technology.

Expedia's Sun, Sea, Snd and Sex advertisement is risque yet creative.

Hard Rock Cafe's this advertisement stands true to its brand name.

Australia Post's 'If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter' advertisement evokes many sentiments.

Vermont Department of Health's 'When you smoke, your baby smokes' advertisement makes a bold statement without using gory images and warning signs.

Whiskas cat food commercial pampers the big cat in your little kitten!

FedEx's advertisement is a striking way to grab consumer's attention.

Garnier Fructis advertisement creates quite a visual illusion.

Yeling safety gloves pay tribute to cultural icon Bruce Lee in a creative way.

The Naval Museum of Alberta's advertisement is intriguing and eye catching.

The 3M Company's security glass advertisement showcases dollars inside an unbreakable glass case. Well, what a way for brand promotion!

Hut-Weber's Hitler vs. Charlie Chaplin shows the differance a hat can make!

Nivea's 'Becase life makes wrinkles' is quite a hilarious take on wrinkles!

Popular confectionery brand Chupa Chups' advertisement for its sugarfree candy is not only creative but also has an element of humour!

Pedigree's 'A dog makes your life happier. Adopt' touches you emotionally.

Bose's waterfall advertisement for its noice reduction headphones is one of the best ads ever procuded by the company.

Volkswagen's Precision Parking advertisement reinforces the belief on the new-age technology with state of the art luxury offered by the German car manufacturer.

McCafe popularised espresso coffees and its coffee bean advertisement establishes its brand promotion in a simple yet cretaive way.

Jeep's parking space advertisement is pitched against luruxy cars and sedans that eat up too much space when it comes to driving and parking.

World Wide Fund for Nature's 'Don't buy exotic animal souvenirs' advertisement says it all.

Apple is known for its out-of-the-box and innovative products. Apparently, this Apple I-Pod advertisement sticks true to its brand and mantra.

Faber-Castell's pencil colour advertisements became a hight watermark of brand positioning and creativity.

Bajaj showcased an engine, loaded with its cutting edge and fuel efficient DTS-SI technology.

Vodafone ZooZoos were a huge hit the moment these animated egg heads saw the light of the day!

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