Stars bare all for music

Here's a list for famous stars who went nude for their music videos. Miley Cyrus dared to bare it all in her music video, "Wrecking Bal."

Freida Pinto did some dirty dancing too in Bruno Mars' video "Gorilla."

Alanis Morissette got real comfortable shooting while shooting for her video, "Thank You."

Jena Malone got naked for her music video,  "Dead Rabbit Hopes."

Britney Spears showed enough of hotness in her saucy video, "Womanizer."

Nicole Scherzinger reveals for the music video, "Baby Love." Don't miss a blink of it.

Katy Perry looked pretty yet sexy, when she went off clothes in the video, "California Gurls."

Helena Christensen made it real hot, when she showed off in the video, "Wicked Game." It's arguably the sexiest music video of all time.

Matt and Kim stripped for their music video,"Lessons Learned." Surely a lesson, though!

Major Lazer did in a colourful way, while shooting for the video, "Bubble Butt."

Kelly Rowland bared it all for her 2011 number "Down For Whatever."

Shia LaBeouf went full frontal in a music video, for Sigur Ros' impossible to pronouce, "Fjogur Piano."

Natalie Imbruglia went topless for her music video, "Want."

Gotye and Kimbra, you can't count paint as clothing, right? Then Gotye and Kimbra earn a spot on this list for "Somebody That I Used to Know."

Rihanna also opted for nudity, sometimes it gets emotional, like in Rihanna's video, "Stay."

Madonna kicked it off in her music video, "Justify My Love."

Janet Jackson's nakedness in "Everytime" video left plenty to the imagination. Bingo!

Lady Gaga bedazzled her naked body for the video, "LoveGame."

Jennifer Lopez exposed her fake tattoos in the "Follow the Leader," music video.

Blink-182 exposed good enough for the music video, "What's My Age Again."

A group of people were shot naked in The Flaming Lips' music video, "Watching the Planets."

Chrissy Teigen spiced up all for her music video, "All of Me."

Erykah Badu showed off her booty in the video, "The Flaming Lips."

Pink got naked on the red carpet for the video, "So What."

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